The Doctrine of the Word of God Part II

Posted: August 18, 2008 in Uncategorized

Back to Dr. Grudem’s Systematic Theology.

Sometimes the Bible refers to the Word of God as the very speech of God.  These speeches can be “decrees” or words that “cause events to happen or even cause things to come into being” (See Gen. 1:3, 24, etc.). 

They may be words of personal address (e.g., Gen. 2:16-17 or Matt. 3:17).  I personally believe that God still personally addresses us and many pastors, including Mark Driscoll, claim to have heard the audible voice of God on rare occasions.

God may speak through others such as He did through Moses or the prophets (See Deut. 18:18-20; Jer. 1:9; etc.).

However, normally this is not what we mean when we speak of “The Word of God”.  For, although there are many instances within Scripture where God actually writes or commands someone else to write His words verbatim (see Exod. 31:18 and Deut. 31:9-13), most of Scripture seems to have been written by the pens of men without necessarily hearing the audible voice of God.  Yet, we still call these passages Holy Scripture “inspired by God”.  What does this mean? How did we get the Bible? What are its characteristics? Stick around, kiddies! More to come.


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