The Word of God Part III

Posted: August 19, 2008 in Uncategorized

Why did God want His words to be written down? Why not continue to rely on oral tradition like many ancient near eastern cultures? Grudem points out three benefits from the recording of God’s Words in Scripture.

“First, there is a much more accurate preservation of God’s words for subsequent generations…Second, the opportunity for repeated inspection of words that are written down permits careful study and discussion, which leads to better understanding and more complete obedience.  Third, God’s Words in writing are accessible to many more people than they are when preserved merely through memory and oral repetition. They can be inspected at any time by any person and are not limited in accessibility to those who have memorized them or those who are able to be present when they are recited orally.”

Great but how do we know we have the right books? Many “scholars” have argued on crappy A&E and History Channel shows that there are other books that shadowy, powerful forces within the early churched blocked from being included in our Bibles.  Now you’ve probably already discerned that I think these nose pickers are full of it but how do I know that I’m right? More on that later.

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