The Doctrine of God: Incommunicable Attributes Part Two

Posted: September 11, 2008 in Uncategorized

I think we covered God’s independence well enough but what about God’s “unchangebleness”? When I was in seminary and was an emergent neo-liberal and I bought into the “open view of God”, which argues that God does not know (or chooses not to know) the future.  I wanted to protect God from the “problem of evil” but God doesn’t need anyone to protect Him. 

The proponents argue from texts like Exodus 32:9-14 where God appears to change His mind.  However, when opponents confront open theists with texts like Luke 22:34, 54-62 where Jesus predicts that Peter will deny knowing him three times and his prediction comes true, open theists argue that Jesus simply knew Peter so well that he could predict such an occurrence.  After all, few open theists argue againt the idea that God does not know everything about the present.

However, it seems to me that open theists have failed to truly tease this out.  If God knows us all as well as Jesus knew Peter (which seems obvious if He knows the past and present perfectly) then He could easily predict every future occurence because it is caused by us.  Thus, God would know the future anyway. 

So, we are back at the starting gate.  Yes, there are texts where it appears that God changes His mind but there are many more texts where God seems to know the future perfectly.  Again, it seems that the orthodox position wins the day. 

More on God’s unchangebleness later.  Now, I’ve got to pack for D.C.


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