Summary Attributes of God

Posted: October 3, 2008 in Uncategorized

Okay folks, one last thing to consider before moving on to the Trinity–God’s summary attributes or those attributes of God that simply don’t fit into any other category.

1) Perfection:“God’s perfection means that God completely possesses all excellent qualities and lacks no part of any qualities that would be desirable for him.” See Matt. 5:48 cf. Ps. 18:30.

2) Blessedness: “God’s blessedness means that God delights fully in himself and in all that reflects his character.” This is a logical conclusion one can draw from passages like Gen. 1:31 and Isa. 62:5.  It may sound strange that when God rejoices in creation or in us it is because he is rejoicing in his own excellent qualities “but when we remember that the sum of everything that is desirable or excellent is found in infinite measure in God himself, then we realize that it could not be otherwise…”  Think about it.

3) Beauty:“God’s beauty is that attribute of God whereby he is the sum of all desirable qualities.”  Haven’t we already covered this? As Dr. Grudem puts it “perfection means that God doesn’t lack anything desirable; beauty means that God has everything desirable.  They are two different ways of affirming the same truth.” See Ps. 27:4 and then that’s enough of that!

4) Glory: “God’s glory is the created brightness that surrounds God’s revelation of himself.”  Okay, that sounds a little Lifetime Channel/Oprah-esque but when you consider that God’s messengers shone with God’s glory (Luke 2:9) and consider episodes like the transfiguration (Matt. 17:2) or the pictures of the throne in Revelation then you get the point.

Okay, we’ve all had enough of that.   This weekend we begin looking at the Trinity.  Stay tuned.


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