Posted: October 28, 2008 in Uncategorized

I posted this on my Facebook page.  Might as well throw it up here as well. 

Bill Maher and Larry Charles are comedians who have teamed up to produce a “documentary” arguing that all religions are for weak minded, immature people who need to “grow up.” Its as if Freud and Feuerbach teamed up to do a film…only with much better jokes. Now, Bill Maher is a jackhole and he does nothing in this movie to dissuade me from thinking so. I mean this is the guy who compared parents of the mentally retarded to dog owners! Even Roger Ebert in his review noted that Maher is often “mean” to his interviewees. He interrupts them, talks over them, belittles them and throws “facts” at them they have never considered because…well…they’re not facts. For example, he takes quotes out of context to argue that the founders hated religion, grossly overstates parallels between various religions and takes ultra-skeptical Biblical “scholarship” at face value. He also picks low hanging fruit. He does not attempt to sit down with true Christian scholars but instead talks down to tourists at a kitschy Holy Land Theme Park and at a church service for truckers.

Okay, so despite all of that…it is funny. Now, as a Christian, it is funniest when it attacks Scientology, Islam, etc. But it is funny. Unfair. Cowardly. Arrogant in the way usually only grad students with no friends are arrogant. But it is funny. I’ll give the jackhole that.


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