The Doctrine of Christ Part 2

Posted: November 26, 2008 in Uncategorized

It is important to remember that Jesus had a human body just like you and me.  There seems to be a knee jerk reaction by most Christians to see Jesus as a kind of super hero (with rosy cheeks and chick hair to boot!). Yet, Scripture records that Jesus was born “just as all human babies are born” (Luke 2:7) and grew through childhood to adulthood (Luke 2:40; 52).”  He became tired (John 4:6), thirsty (John 19:28), hungry (Matt. 4:2), etc.

Jesus not only lived as one of us, he also rose with a physical body as well (Luke 24:39; 24:42; John 20:17, 20, 27, 21:9, 13, etc.).  Paul promises that one day we will all have bodies like Jesus’ perfect resurrected physical body but more on that later.

Moreover, Jesus had a fully human mind that went through the basic learning process (Luke 2:52), had emotions (John 11:35; Heb. 5:7, etc.)  and the people around him saw him as only a man (see Matt. 13:53-58; John 7:5; etc.)

Yet, despite his full humanity, Scripture affirms that Jesus was sinless (See 1 Peter 1:19) but was it even possible for Jesus to sin? After all, the Bible also teaches that Jesus is God and James 1:13 states that “God cannot be tempted with evil.”  Hmmmm.

Dr. Grudem argues that this is a problem that must take us beyond the affirmations of Scripture because a clear answer is not recorded.  So, Grudem assserts that because Jesus possessed two natures, human and divine, it was possible for Jesus to truly be tempted but for James 1:13 to still be true. He argues that it was only Jesus’ human nature that was tempted.

Find that satisfying? If not then I’m afraid you’re back to affirming a paradox like the three and oneness of the Trinity. I find Grudem’s argument unsatisfying but can’t do any better myself at this point. 

So, was it truly necessary that Jesus be fully human? We will tackle that tomorrow.


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