The Order of Salvation

Posted: December 19, 2008 in Uncategorized

Theologians often use the Latin phrase ordo salutis, which means “order of salvation.”  Wayne Grudem breaks it down like this:

“The Order of Salvation

1. Election (God’s choice of people to be saved)

2. The gospel call (proclaiming the message of the gospel)

3. Regeneration (being born again)

4. Conversion (faith and repentance)

5. Justification (right legal standing)

6. Adoption (membership in God’s family)

7. Sanctification (right conduct of life)

8. Perseverance (remaining a Christian)

9. Death (going to be with the Lord)

10. Glorification (receiving a resurrection body).”

Now, let’s face it, the sticking point for most people is #1.  So, we will begin our discussion election and what is called “reprobation” tomorrow.  Until then, grace and peace.


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