Election–is it “duck, duck…damn!” Part 2

Posted: December 23, 2008 in Uncategorized

Let’s follow Dr. Grudem and deal with misunderstandings of the doctrine of election before we tackle common objections to the doctrine.  As Grudem points out, “election is not fatalistic or mechanistic.” 

To begin with, God is clearly depicted in Scripture as a caring, loving God not some impersonal force (see Ezek. 33:11, which asserts that God even grieves of the death of the wicked).  This is a real being in relationship with His creation, which Scripture teaches is capable of willing choices.  Moreover, throughout the New Testament, the followers of Jesus are commanded to preach the Gospel to all (see Acts 18:9-11; Rom. 10:14-17, etc.).  

Yet, paradoxically, at least from our limited perspective, Scripture also affirms that election is not based on God foreseeing our faithful response.  In fact, Romans 9 most explicitly asserts that election is wholly unmerited and based soley on God’s sovereign good pleasure.  If it was based on our response then salvation would be based on merit and we would have room to boast but Scripture is clear that there is no place in Christ for such an attitude (see Rom. 3-4).

Okay, now that we have cleared the lot of some clutter we can begin to deal with the objections to election but that will have to wait until tomorrow.


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