Greed is Good

Posted: May 13, 2009 in Uncategorized

I grew up in the ’80’s and one of the catch phrases of the late Reagan and early Bush I era was, “greed is good”, which was a line from the seminal 1988 Oliver Stone movie “Wall Street.”

Many on the evangelical left equate greed with capitalism and have fully embraced the soft socialism of the contemporary Democratic Party but I would ask my bros and sisters not to blindly fall in line behind Tony Campolo and Jim Wallis.  If N.T. Wright is correct and one cannot separate theology and politics then it is the duty of committed missional Christians to read a little public policy and not just repeat what they read in Sojourners.

One vital area of public policy is economics, an area in which most leading theologians are horribly under read.  One new book from Jay Richards, a fellow at the Acton Institute, is worth perusing.  Pick up Money, Greed and God as soon as you can.  It is worth the read whether you agree or disagree.

In the meantime, take a look at this video from the Acton Institute, which I’ve posted before, and features Rudy Carrasco, an early participant in the of Emergent conversation who has preached for Rob Bell at Mars Hill Bible Church.

It is ironic that everyone from Rob Bell to Rick Warren have decided the way to help alleviate poverty in the 3rd world is to foster capitalism but then support candidates here at home that essentially oppose that system!  Lord help us!


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