Summer Reading List

Posted: June 8, 2009 in Uncategorized

So, Al Mohler shares his summer reading list with the world, so, in a wholly narcissistic move, here is my to-read-list this Summer:

1.  I plan on attending at least part of the “Poets, Prophets and Preachers ” conference in Grand Rapids, Michigan.  Here is the reading list that I am digging into now.

  • Flickering Pixels by Shane Hipps
  • How Not to Speak of God by Peter Rollins
  • The War of Art by Steven Pressfield
  • Art and Fear by Bayles and Orland
  • Teaching as a Subversive Activity by Neil Postman
  • Elegy on a Toy Piano by Dean Young
  • Wall and Piece by Banksy
  • “Skirmish” by Dobby Gibson
  • 2. I also plan on attending at least a day of the Emergent Conversation with Jurgen Moltmann this fall.  So, “Theology of Hope,” “The Crucified God” and “The Trinity of the Kingdom” is on my list as well as Danielle Shroyer’s “The Boundary Breaking God,” which is written from a “Moltmannian” perspective.

    3. I’m preaching a series on “The Mission of God” so, Christopher Wright’s brilliant book of the same name is on the list.

    4. Kenton Spark’s controversial “God’s Words in Human Words” is already on my desk.


    5.  I plan to give Justo L. Gonzalez’s “The Story of Christianity vols. 1 & 2” another run before I dig into the history of evangelicalism and Gary Dorrian’s 3-part history of liberal theology this fall.

    Also, I’m still reading through the ESV Study Bible (should finish in September and then hit “The Voice'”), “Day By Day with the English Puritans” and Calvin’s “Institutes” along with the blog over at Princeton Theological Seminary.

    What are you reading?

    1. Cera says:

      I ordered love is an orientation that came reccommended by my rockin’ pastor so I’m excited to get that started! Otherwise I’ve deemed this my summer of Lewis. I want to re-read some of my favorite C.S. Lewis books: A grief Observed, Screwtape letters, The Problem with Pain, Miracles and Mere Christianity. If I stumble my way through there I’m open to some really good suggestions.

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