2009 Emergent Conversation 6

Posted: September 10, 2009 in Uncategorized

John Franke is speaking about his new book “Manifold Witness and the Plurality of Truth” and Jurgen Moltmann, who takes the stage tomorrow.

Franke just posed the question, “have you ever noticed that Christians disagree about what they believe in?”  (laughter).  Franke is arguing in his new book (A Manifold Witness) that plurality and diversity is actually an integral part of orthodox Christianity.

Franke states that this does NOT mean anything goes but “within that which goes, we should expect considerable plurality, which invites conversation.”

Franke notes he was raised to memorize Scripture so that it would not lead him into error but that it is clear that Jesus’ opponents knew Scripture very, very well. 

Franke then stated, “don’t let your theology get in the way of seeing what God is doing.”

Franke went on to note how sad he is that the Emergent conversation is still very white and middle/upper class.

Another Franke quote, “all the nations need the Gospel but it is also true that the church needs all the nations.”

I’m about to wrap up because I’m beat and have a 30 minute drive back downtown…don’t want to go to Chicago and stay in the ‘burbs!  I’m in an old hotel close to Wrigley Field.


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