2009 Emergent Conversation Day 2 – 11

Posted: September 10, 2009 in Uncategorized

Rapid fire round.

John Paul II “He was a good pope”

Pannenberg “A dear friend”

Bonhoeffer “Died too early”

Whitehead “Very complicated to read.”

Derrida “Hmmm.  Postmodernity is just another form of modernity…[then too much to type].

Hauerwas “The New Testament does not speak about a peaceable kingdom but a peace making kingdom.”

Martin Luther “Great German reformer.”

Jungel “a great hermeneutic theologian.”

Augustine “ask his wife about him.”

Frued “[long silence] you can understand [him] only if you understand Vienna [at the time], which was all about sex.”

Marx “I like the early Marx…”

  Volf “I loved him very much when he returned [from the army] wounded.”

Schleirmacher “My criticism is that he disliked the Old Testament.”


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