2009 Emergent Conversation Day 2–2

Posted: September 10, 2009 in Uncategorized

Just got here.  Stuck in traffic on I-94 (for no discernable reason) but was able to hit Starbucks and buy a few books.

Tony Jones just introduced Moltmann.   Tony’s intros have become refreshingly shorter.

Moltmann is speaking about his life, which is covered well in “A Broad Place.”

To sum it up, Moltmann was born in a secular family, served in the German army during WWII and was taken captive.  His captive’s kindness and a Bible brought him to faith in Christ.

Moltmann was especially taken by the lament psalms and Jesus’ cry on the cross recorded in the Gospel of Mark.  He felt Jesus was a “fellow sufferer.”


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