2009 Emergent Conversation Day 3 – 3

Posted: September 11, 2009 in Uncategorized

Tony Jones asks about Jesus’ recommendation to be persistent in prayer. Moltmann responds that Jesus also states that God already knows what we need.

So what about God’s relationship to time? Can we pray for things that have already happened?

Moltmann prays for the dead because “they are not dead. They died but we cannot say that they are dead…they are watching over us…this is the truth of the ancestor cult in Asia…the dead are with us. They are present. If we believe Romans 14 that Christ is the Lord of the living and the dead then we have a community of the living and the dead who will be raised together. We need to overcome this modern notion of death as annhiliation. We need to learn from Africans and Asians here.”


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