What Does Your Bible Translation Say About You?

Posted: September 23, 2009 in Uncategorized

In an attempt to one up Scot McKnight over at Jesus Creed…

The Holman Christian Standard Bible is for Baptists who agree with John MacArthur that Mark Driscoll should be removed from the pulpit.

The English Standard Version is for those who believe Mark Driscoll floats above the pulpit.

The New American Standard is for Baptists who don’t know who Mark Driscoll is.

The TNIV (esp. the TNIV with a parallel copy of The Message) is for emerging folks who curse Mark Driscoll for being mean to Rob Bell…note the irony there.

The NRSV is for seminary students who noticed that every professor uses a NRSV.

The New Living Translation is for seminary students who read Internet Monk and are afraid to tell their profs that they don’t like the NRSV.

and the NIV is for everyone else because it is the new King James.


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