(mis)Adventures in Church Planting

Posted: September 29, 2009 in Uncategorized

I am blessed to be part of a team that planted a missional church last Fall.  Revolution has grown from a group of 20-30 interested, but skeptical Christians, to roughly 100 regular attendees who worship heartily and sacrifice their time to help feed the poor and homeless on Friday nights.  Pretty awesome.

However, we’ve had our bumps along the way!

We started having services in a gym that would often lose electricity, or, at the very least, heat.  I remember preaching to about 60 people who were shivering from the winter cold.  Some even had their heads covered with hoodies drawn tight around their face!

We had services in that gym after a circus had been in it and were literally worshipping around the remnants of elephant poop!

We had a drunk guy wonder in off the street in our new building and bum rush the stage to try to preach (may have been more interesting than my sermon!).

Last week I tried two new things: (1) In order to make the point that our images of God often lack awe and mystery, (thus, arguably constituting a false god), I had everyone write the first sensible thing that came to mind when I said “god” and then had them rip them up and stuff them in a bag we gave them marked “Thus, always to idols.”  The problem was that at least one person wrote, “Jesus” and then had the preacher tell them to rip it up!  Ouch!!!! 

(2) I ended the service by asking everyone to quietly slip out the doors unless you wanted to stay and meditate or have someone from the Leadership Team pray with you.  99% of everyone hated it! They are used to hanging out and talking with each other (even though we have a time for that before the service….).  So, 2 big screw ups in one night.

Oh, well, we live, learn and are deeply humbled by it!

As the Leadership Team used to say when we started this a year ago, “oh, well…all we can do is fail!”

  1. Jason Edgington says:

    Haha oh well whats a couple screw ups. I just wanted to drop you a line and let you know how I love the Revolution. I myself have been completely disenchanted with the church as i know it. I fall in the percentage of folks that thought church was hypocritical and exclusive. Not that long ago i considered myself an agnostic. I was raised in the “normal” model of church an grew away from that ideal as i got older. I am a recovered addict and towards the end of my addiction i had convinced myself that there was no God. I formed a relationship with God during the first few months of my sobriety. Since then i have continued to grow spiritually. I have been sober for over 3 1/2 years now an consider my self to have a great relationship with a loving and caring God. Throughout this time i have attended church on occasion but just didn’t vibe with what was going on in those churchs. I have just had a major issue with the man made “rules” and “standards” that found there. In my opinion God is Love. I have that tatoo on my arm, may have been a bit impulsive, lol. The open minded approach that i found when i first visited Revolution won me over. I have only been attending for about a month but i feel my spirituality growing. The first service i attended was when the Subway gift cards were given out. Amazing! I was able to attend the Fathers table a couple of weeks ago, again Amazing! The idea of a free market for those that need out help is well Amazing! Its all about action for me in my recovery and in my life. Its not about what we know, its about what we do with what we know. Its about how are we making a difference in the lives of others and sharing Gods blessings with those who need them. Anyway I could go on forever about how charged i am about what i found at Revolution. Just wanted to let you know that this movement has already made a difference in my life. I look forward to being a part of all we are going to do in the future. Oh yeah and i am very excited about the idea of the rescue tent to help those whose suffer from addiction in Portsmouth. I work as a Addictions Counselor at the detox unit at Pathways in Ashland KY. I was also a client here back in 2006. I know that anything we can do for those who are afflicted with this disease will be a blessing. Ok thats enough out of me……I’ll see at church Sunday. GodisLove!!! Jason

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