Read Along with Pastor Matt: Simply Christian–Worship

Posted: January 13, 2010 in Uncategorized

Bishop N.T. Wright begins his chapter on worship by writing, “When we begin to glimpse the reality of God, the natural reaction is to worship him.  Not to have that reaction is a fairly sure sign that we haven’t yet really understood who he is or what he’s done.” 

But what is worship?

Wright answers, “Worship means, literally, acknowledging the worth of something or someone…it means celebrating the worth of someone or something far superior to oneself.”

The Bishop cautions that worshipping God is not like the order of a dictator to honor him but more like a spontaneous reaction to something awe-inspiring.  Ever given a standing O to a musician or speaker? That’s close to the call to worship.

The desire to respond to God’s grace wells up inside when, as part of the worship service, we read and expound a portion of the Bible as God’s great story of love and ultimate rescue.

We also do this through communion or Lord’s Supper or Eucharist. It is an event in which followers of Jesus eat bread and drink wine (or grape juice…yuck!) to remember what Jesus did for creation on the cross and to show that we accept those worshipping with us as a community of redemption (in the time of Jesus, to eat together meant that you accepted the other person).

Wright ends the chapter by stressing that worship is to be done in unity for we all a community “in Christ” with a privileged mission to help rescue a fallen but beautiful creation.

Next week we’ll look at Wright’s view of prayer.


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