Theology & “(500) Days of Summer”

Posted: January 29, 2010 in Uncategorized

Here is the trailer to (500) Days of Summer.   Take a look:

The flick is about a dude who believes there is A person for everyone.  Not a rare belief.  The idea of “The One” pervades our society.  A kind of Gospel according to Uncle Rico from Napolean Dynamite!

But is it true?

Matt Chandler, the lead pastor of The Village Church in Dallas recently stated that as much as he loves his wife, “she is just a girl. I could have married someone else and been happy.  I’m just a boy and my wife could have married another man and been happy.  Men and women are not gods.  The Jerry Maguire “you complete me” line is idolatrous nonsense!”

Is he right?

Chandler did soften his statements but asserting that “the reason I know my wife is for me is I MARRIED HER!”

Whether you agree or disagree, followers of Jesus should carefully examine their view of relationships.  How much weight do you expect a boy or girl to bear? Do you put so much time, energy and emotion into a vision of a storybook romance that it has become a false god to you?

Back to Chandler, he argues in the same sermon that “boys make lousy gods!”  Amen…and so do girls.

Now, don’t get me wrong.  Love is awesome. My wife is grace upon grace to me. 

Romance is good too.  If you’re a married dude then please don’t take this as an excuse to sit on the couch, drink, eat Fritos and watch Sportscenter while your wife wants your attention but don’t make the opposite error of thinking that a human relationship will make you completely happy.  It won’t.  They can’t save you.

This myth that even a brief romance can fulfill your life is sold to us in movies like Titanic (which is really an overly long bad soap opera with good special effects). 

Now, if you haven’t seen the movie then SPOILER ALERT Leo DeCaprio’s character dies (because Kate Winslet’s character can’t find another piece of driftwood!) but the movie shows her as an old lady who lived a full life thanks to her weekend fling with a struggling artists from Wisconsin! 

As a pastor, I have counseled many girls who tried this approach (even on a cruise) and found that it just made them feel dirty and cheap!

Love is a good thing but, as Tim Keller reminds us, “Idols are good things that we make ultimate things.”  Love and romance are awesome.  Finding a boy or girl that is fun, cool and cute is sweet! But they can’t save you…even if they’re as cool as Zooey Daschanel!


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