This Sunday Night at Revolution…

Posted: February 27, 2010 in Uncategorized

This Sunday night at Revolution we will kick things off with a little death metal courtesy of our bros Zach, Stephen, Caleb and Animal.  Seems fitting to dig into the Book of Revelation with the soundtrack to the apocalypse! 

We will then continue our study of the Book of Revelation with a look at the rest of chapter 1 as well as chapter 22:6-21. 

After that, Ryan Rolfe & The World’s Most Dangerous Praise Band will lead us in worship.

Revelation meets every Sunday night at 315 Chillicothe Street. 

Coffee & Community at 6:30 with food and great music. 

The one and only Jeremiah Pistole will bring things to order at 7pm and we will wrap up worship around 8:15.

Everyone is welcome.  Come as you are.

Revolution Church: It’s Not Just A Church, It’s A Movement.


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