Pastor Matt Recommends…

Posted: March 2, 2010 in Uncategorized

I’m taking a break from blogging through the Book of Revelation to recommend a few things here and there:

1. If you grew up a Reagan kid like me in the ’80s and still love hair metal (or, regardless of age, you just like pop rock) then be sure to check out  Its an online radio station that plays bands like Skillet, Pillar, Disciple, Flyleaf, etc. Its also a great site with a weekly Top 30 chart and a tab to request songs.  Sweet!

2. If you download sermons from iTunes and you have never heard of Matt Chandler at The Village then jump on to iTunes now and download everything the man has ever preached.  Matt is struggling with cancer right now and, despite that challenge, is still preaching like a prophet.  Check him out.

3. If you are a ministry leader then  you need to own a copy of Bill Hybels’ Axiom.  It is a quick read broken up into small chapters each proverbial in style.  Hybels leads the large and influential megachurch Willow Creek in the Chicago area but regardless of the size of your ministry you will benefit greatly from his years of experience.

4. I will begin to blog more about public policy issues in the future (while still attempting to remain non-partisan) but, regardless of your political leanings, place Wayne Grudem’s future book on politics on your wish list for the fall.  I have met Dr. Grudem several times and had the privilege of listening to him outline the book in it’s draft form last summer.  You will not want to be without it.

5. You will find a number of blog links to your right and I highly recommend checking out the following on a regular basis: Justin Taylor, Challies, Scot McKnight, Adrian Warnock and Pop Candy. 

Grace and peace.

Pastor Matt.


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