Premill? Amill? or Postmill? Part 5

Posted: March 17, 2010 in Uncategorized

Everyone agrees that Revelation is filled with symbolism.  For example, no one but Jehovah’s Witnesses believe that the 144,000 is literal and there is near unanimity that 666 stands for a name. 

So, amillennialists ask, “why believe that the 1000 years is a literal 1000 year reign if so many of the other numbers are to taken as symbolic?”  Even if you disagree you would have to admit that Amills have a point, right?

Moreover, amills (along with some historic premills) argue that if you take the book of Revelation as a laundry list of things that must happen before the return of Christ to reign for 1000 years then what do you do with Christ’s statement that his return would be like a “thief in the night?” 

Amills argue that if you understand the symbolism as those in the seven churches of Asia did then the book is fairly easy to understand and clearly points to the persecution the church faced under Emperor Domitian around 95 A.D.

Indeed a run through an amill commentary does impress but what of John’s assertion that Revelation is prophecy, which can, and often does have a fuller meaning than the immediate context of the words of the prophecy?

Work out your own salvation on it in fear and trembling.

Tomorrow, postmill.

Until then, grace and peace.

Pastor Matt

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