Life, Justice Stevens and the Supreme Court

Posted: April 9, 2010 in Uncategorized

Today Justice John Paul Stevens announced his retirement from the U.S. Supreme Court.  Stevens has been a reliable liberal vote for the past 34-years.  The Obama administration will no doubt nominate a pro-abortion liberal to replace Stevens.

For those us that are pro-life, this is disheartening news.  Many insiders have speculated for years that Stevens hoped to retire and long time life activists have prayed that God would end the federal blessing of infanticide with a justice who viewed all life as belonging to God and God alone. 

It is also frustrating that last year so many self-professed evangelicals purportedly voted for Obama.  Some, like Tony Jones, former national coordinate of Emergent Village, dismissed the pleas of pro-life Christians arguing that years or Republican rule on Capital Hill and 8 years of George W. Bush had not succeeded in overruling Roe v. Wade.  With all respect to Tony, who I’ve met and admire, I find such an argument to be poor at best.  Changing the makeup of a Court filled with lifetime appointments takes more than 8 years!  It took the left decades to change the court and it follows that it would take decades to make another significant change. 

I am truly frustrated this morning because we nearly made that change! When I worked on Capitol Hill the make-up of the Court was 6-3 in favor or abortion rights.  Now it is 5-4 even after the death of Chief Justice William Rehnquist.  We only needed one more vote to send the issue back to states where the Founding Fathers left it and if John McCain had been elected then there is a good chance we would have it now. 

Yet, there is always hope.

Justice Anthony Kennedy had been a solid vote for abortion rights activists until the partial birth question confronted the Court and then Justice Kennedy moved right.  Moreover, the rumor is that Justice Kennedy has re-embraced the Catholic faith of his childhood.  Say what you want about the Catholic Church (and the headlines lately have not been kind) but the Church has consistently stood firm on the life issue.

I am asking every one of you to pray that Justice Kennedy is touched by the Spirit of God and that our federal government ceases its repellent endorsement of the killing of the unborn. 

It would be just like God to allow Obama to be elected and choose two pro-abortion Justices and then convert a sitting Justice and overturn Roe!  So may it be.

PS–for those of you who will bombard me with “aren’t you being a narrow-minded, one-issue voter?” Let me ask you this, if you were voting in 1860 and one candidate was pro-environment, pro-welfare, pro-union, etc. but was pro-slavery would you vote for him or her? What about if you were voting in 1964 and a candidate supported every issue you supported but opposed the Civil Rights Act, what would you do? Does that make you a “narrow-minded, one issue voter?”  Just asking.

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