Do You Know About CLS v. Martinez?

Posted: April 13, 2010 in Uncategorized

On April 19th, the U.S. Supreme Court will hear oral arguments in the case CLS v. Martinez.  The case arose when UC-Hastings kicked the Christian Legal Society off of its campus because CLS “discriminates” in that it actually expects its elected leaders to agree with the group’s statement of faith.  Despite the fact that no one expects a campus PETA chapter to be forced to allow deer hunters to serve in their leadership, UC-Hastings apparently thinks it is fine to allow non-evangelical Christians to take over an evangelical Christian group.  Weird.

The USA Today wrote a horrible opinion piece about the case and former CLS attorney Greg Baylor wrote a response, which can be read here:

  1. Justin says:

    Pastor Matt, as a student at UC-Hastings I think it is important to remember that this case is about more than just recognition of a religious group, it is also about using public tuition dollars to fund those groups. Next year, I will be expected to pay nearly $40,000 in tuition and fees to UC-Hastings. Significant portions of that funding go towards supporting student organizations by providing them direct funding and access to campus spaces and resources. I believe it is not only permissible but responsible to be evaluating which groups receive that funding and ensure that they serve all students that pay for them. I’m sure you wouldn’t want the government telling a private christian church that they have to provide funding and space for an islamic organization to meet. Similarly I don’t believe that money coming from all Hastings students including myself should be used to fund an organization that I am not welcome to join even though I want to. (Yes, I’m a gay Christian who believes in the Bible as the infoulable word of God, and I would join CLS if in their infinite Christian hospitality they didn’t tell me I wasn’t welcome.) PS. in many areas of Wisconsin and Minnesota where deer populations are out of control and causing mass deer famine and disease, numerous PETA organizations do have deer hunters as members, they recognize a shared goal to end the suffering of animals through humane methods, perhaps CLS should join me and other Hastings students in the shared goal of creating a Hastings that serves all of God’s children in an environment that is welcoming and hospitable, after all didn’t Christ himself reach out to the sinners and berate the pharises for refusing to do so? Just food for thought.

    • Revolution says:



      I’m not just a pastor, I’m also an attorney and I’m well versed in the facts of the case but the real question is, if a school is going to fund groups at all then can they tell groups who can be officers in said groups and, more importantly, can they make such decisions in the area of religion?

      ALL other circuit courts have answered with a resounding NO! The 9th Circuit is the sole maverick, which is the reason why the Court took the case and I think will rule against UC-Hastings just as they ruled against the University of Virginia in a similar case several years ago.

      Thanks for stopping by.

      Pastor Matt

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