Frequently Asked Questions about Revolution Part 2

Posted: June 10, 2010 in Uncategorized

So, Dr. Tim Keller and Dr. John Piper (and a host of others) argue that church planting is important…but why plant Revolution?

Pastor Craig Groeschel argues that, “If you want to reach different people then you do different things.”  No church can reach everyone, so the reason to plant, even in your own backyard, is to reach those no one else is (or will) reach. 

Revolution was planted to reach  a number of 18-40 year olds who were not interested in checking out any of the churches in town.  Perhaps the reason they wouldn’t check out or commit to any church is based in their own immaturity but you can’t expect the lost or spiritually immature to just “grow up and get down” with hymns or K-Love worship style songs or whatever.

Revolution was planted to reach the 22-year old metal head who looks like a clerk at Hot Topic who rolled his or her face in a tackle box. Revolution was planted to reach the single 30-year old guy who is terrified of committing to anything other than watching Tosh.0 every week.  Revolution was planted to reach the 40-year old recovering addict who feels too ashamed to walk into a “respectable church” despite the fact that the doctrine of original sin places all of us, no matter what we’ve done in the past, on equal footing.  Revolution was planted to reach them and many others as well as partner with those who are already Christians, regardless of age, who have a heart to reach those described above.

Revolution was not planted to compete with any church but to reach those that most churches are not going to reach and wouldn’t know what to do with them if they did.  That’s not a shot, it’s a fact.  

Frankly, Revolution wouldn’t know what to do with a lot of people either.  So, we have committed to being a church that plants churches that plants churches that plants churches.  

If we see that there are enough NASCAR loving, deer hunting, WPAY listening dudes who aren’t going to church and God raises up a church planter who can reach them, then we will help that Copenhagen dipping, PBR sipping cowboy to plant a church…maybe in a bar…or in West Portsmouth…both have the same feel.

More later.

Until then…grace and peace.

  1. lawdawg23 says:

    Hey Matt.

    I’ll venture a question for you at the risk of sounding contentious (please understand that is not my intention, though): What you have written here seems to me to be based upon the assumption that the primary purpose of the church is to “reach” people. Do you believe this is the case?

    Also, you bring up the point of (not) being in competition with other churches. What do you think of the notion that nowhere in scripture do you ever find evidence of there being more than one church in a city?

    Again, brother, I don’t mean to be contentious. These are honest questions that I would like your opinion on.

    • Revolution says:

      Thanks for the comment.

      1. I think our primary purpose is to make disciples (Matt. 28) and you can’t do that without reaching out to the lost.

      2. Unfortunately, the loss of apostolic authority = a church without unity. Sad but true and unavoidable until the return of Christ. Early in the Christian movement there would have only been one church per city due to small numbers. However, many scholars believe that Ephesians is a letter to several house churches in the city, which explains why Paul doesn’t seem to know them as well even though he spent a great deal of time there.


      • lawdawg23 says:

        Hmmm. I was under the impression that Ephesians was originally intended to be a circular letter that was passed from church to church. Either way, I realize that in certain larger cities, such as Jerusalem and Antioch, the believers met from house to house due to the sheer number of people involved. I’m not sure that can be compared to today’s practice of many separate assemblies in a town with separate administrations, government, ect., though. But, as you said, it is what it is and probably ever will be.

        I guess what I was originally getting at is the issue of God’s eternal purpose, or in other words, His ageless purpose. Paul spoke of this purpose in the Ephesian letter. Evangelism and the making of disciples has to do with this age alone, not necessarily the ages to come. Will the church cease to exist once the purpose of making disciples has been fulfilled, or will there be another, “eternal” purpose which will carry on after there are no more lost people to win? Not to diminish any aspect of the church’s mission in this present age, or to devalue evangelism and discipleship, but what would you say is the eternal purpose of God for the church?

      • Revolution says:

        First of all, I’ve never bought the circular letter argument. That’s purely conjecture. The manuscript evidence weighs toward a letter intended soley for a church/churches in Ephesus.

        Second, its not just “what it is”, there is a serious disruption in leadership thanks to Constantine and I just don’t see how you get it back and such a bridge woud have to be constructed to reach unity.

        Finally, I think our present mission as laid out by Jesus in Matthew 28 and Acts 26:18 and certainly implicit in all the New Testament is to reach the lost and disciple them and that’s certainly enough for me, bro.

        Grace and peace.

      • lawdawg23 says:

        Fair enough. Thanks for taking the time to converse with me.

      • Revolution says:

        Thank you, bro. Blessings.

  2. Eric says:

    I am that 30 yr old commitment phobe (but have no idea who/what Tosh.O is haha) and I love the teaching at Revolution. Perhaps one of the best things is that your not converting people to a tradition, or a theory. You’re preaching a real world God. In the months that I’ve been coming, my view of God has become much more real-world. I’m finding I didn’t really know the real Jesus, but then again most Pharisees didn’t either. It’s a hard process being changed from a “white-washed tomb” to a person with streams of living water flowing from their belly. But the key point is I’m getting there, and Revolution is playing an integral part. Thank you and keep going full steam. “…on to the Revolution”

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