Frequently Asked Questions About Revolution Part 3

Posted: June 11, 2010 in Uncategorized

Okay, so church planting is a necessary way to reach the lost and Revolution was planted to primarily (although not exclusively) to reach 18-40 year olds in our area that don’t feel comfortable in existing churches, but how do we reach those people? Missiology. What is that? Living like missionaries in your own context.

Churches typically think of missionaries as people who leave the country to introduce people to Jesus but, if current trends hold, Africa, Asia and South America will eclipse America in the percentage of the population that profess Jesus as King somtime in the next few decades.  Missiology challenges to stop assuming that the people around us know about God and to approach them the same way a missionary would do in a foreign country.

How do missionaries prepare for their task? They study the culture and formulate ways to present the Gospel in a way that makes sense to the lost.  Please understand that Revolution does not seek to change the message of the Gospel (which we believe is eternal truth once and for all delivered to the church) but just the style in which it is proclaimed.  More on this later.  Missionaries then plant themselves within the culture, build intentional (and hopefully authentic) relationships and present the message of Jesus to those they have come to know.

Revolution Church is committed to doing just that in southern Ohio.  Our missional outline was stolen from pastor/author/missiologist Mark Driscoll who broke down the steps into “Go-See-Feel-Do.”  Will cover that later. 

Until then, grace and peace.


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