Frequently Asked Questions about Revolution Part 7

Posted: June 18, 2010 in Uncategorized

So, we need to plant churches to reach as many people as possible and Revolution was planted to reach those no other church is reaching.  How? We GO into the culture, we SEE the false gods that pervade our world, we FEEL for those who are looking to those false gods for meaning and hope and we DO or proclaim the liberating kingship of Jesus. 

Today, I want to hit the last prong of that four-step process.  What is the message of Jesus? What does it do? How do you proclaim it without striking the other as a loon?

The message of Jesus (and the message about Jesus) is referred to by Christians as “the Gospel.”  The Greek simply means “good news.”

According to Biblical scholar N.T. Wright, whenever a Roman emperor would die, an imperial herald would go to the center of a Roman city and announce something like, “Hear the news! Caesar Augustus is dead but hear the good news (or gospel) that Caesar Tiberius is Lord!”  Wright argues that the true message behind that proclamation is “On your knees!” 

That is one way to view the Gospel, that it is the good news that the rightful king of creation is establishing his kingdom.  Author Tony Jones defines the Gospel  God’s fullness dwelling in Christ and reconciling all things to Him (Colossians 1:19-20).

Certainly both the lordship of Jesus and the reconciliation of the world to God through Christ are true and important but at Revolution we define the Gospel differently.

Revolution presents the Gospel as the message that (1) there is only one true God who is the all-powerful, all-knowing, pure, loving and just creator of all that exists; (2) we have all been made by God but are in a state of open rebellion against our God despite the fact that He is the only one who truly loves us wholly and purely.  This rebellion (or sin) is a crime against God because, as our creator, we are in direct relationship with him.  Because God is the greatest good imaginable then, logically, sin (any sin), is the greatest crime deserving of the greatest punishment; (3) Jesus is God’s son who lived a perfect life and died a shameful death and rose again; and (4) we can be reconciled to God through Jesus because when we believe these truths and place our trust, confidence and hope in Christ that his life and death become ours (2 Cor. 5:21).  What do I mean? I mean that Jesus takes the punishment for our sins on the cross and then grants his perfect life to us, so that we are judged by his life not our own–that is good news!

But how do we proclaim this without looking like whack jobs? Our culture is very different from the culture of the Bible and that is important to remember.  Today there is so much animosity toward and confusion about Christianity that missiologists caution against “drive-by evangelism” where we just confront someone on the street and slap them with a tract or whatever.  It is better to intentionally develop friendships with those who don’t know Jesus and then allow conversations about our faith to arise organically.  This is how most missionaries do it and that is how we need to approach our “post-Christian” culture.

But what do we do once we introduce them to Christ? We will begin to discuss that next week.

Until then, grace and peace.

  1. All Good Things says:

    What is this church? Why or what makes it different from other churches? Don’t give me the answer in evangelical nonsense but plain speech. I’ve looked at the website there are no answers there. What say you sir? Regards.

    • Revolution says:

      Thanks for stopping by.

      Revolution is different (although not necessarily better) than other churches in our area in that we focus solely on discipleship as we understand it from the Bible. No one can be a full member of Revoltution unless they worship with us on Sunday night, join a small group and help us heal the poor and broken in our area by volunteering at a ministry where we help feed the homeless or give away our extra things to those in recovery programs or to move into the most crime infested area of our city and reach out to those around them.

      Also, the worship service is more…raw…than many others. We discuss subjects that many churches are simply not comfortable discussing and in such a way that is not “churchy.”

      There are other things but that should give you some idea.

      Grace and peace,

      Pastor Matt

  2. All Good Things says:

    Tank you for you’re swift response, sir. It sounds very interesting.

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