Frequently Asked Questions about Revolution Part 8

Posted: June 21, 2010 in Uncategorized

So, church planting is necessary to reach the most people with the message of Jesus and Revolution was planted to do just that.  Revolution reaches out by going into the culture, seeing the false gods in the world, feeling for those seeking meaning and hope from false gods who cannot deliver what they promise and proclaiming the love of God through our words and actions. 

But what does Revolution do once they reach those who don’t know Jesus? Revolution focuses like a laser on the ancient practice of discipleship. 

What does that mean? When Jesus called his 12 disciples he taught them to worship, to love and to heal the broken.  This took several years and the eventual help of God’s spirit but 11 of the 12 would live lives of love and power that would spread the message of Jesus throughout the Roman Empire and beyond.

Revolution’s leadership team decided on a process of discipleship that we call “worship-grow-serve.”  I will unpack these steps throughout the week but essential it means that we worship God together on Sundays, we grow closer to God and each other in small groups and we serve God by caring for the poor and the hurting around us. 

Revolution is not about partisan politics or programs or making sure the preacher has a pimped car and plenty of bling for his satellite show.  It is all about worship God, growing closer to God and serving God. 

More on this later.

Until then, grace and peace.

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