Frequently Asked Questions About Revolution Part 9

Posted: June 22, 2010 in Uncategorized

So, Revolution is a new, independent church that was started to reach those in Portsmouth who don’t yet know Jesus.  Revolution members go into the culture, see the false gods, feel for those trapped in hopelessness and build authentic relationships with them with the hope of eventually introducing them to Jesus.  What then?

The Revolution leadership team believes that Jesus called us to make disciples not just converts and there is a big difference.  A convert is someone who has made a statement of faith in Jesus, which is great, but that should only be the beginning of the process.  We at Revolution have designed a discipleship process that we call, “Worship-Grow-Serve.” 

Today, we look at what we mean when say, “worship.”

Every Sunday night, Revolution Church gathers to worship God together but what does that mean? Well, we sing to God.  For people outside the church its a weird experience.  With the exception of Glee, where else do people start singing to someone that’s not really there?

But singing has always been a way to praise something greater than ourselves.  We sing along at concerts (which looks very much like a worship service) and we sing to people to celebrate birthdays and other such things. 

The Bible makes it clear that God likes it when we sing to Him and that, in fact, we were made to worship Him in this way.  So, we sing to God to humbly show Him how much He means to us. 

On Sunday nights at Revolution we tend to sing really loud because our band (The World’s Most Dangerous Praise Band) plays really loud!

The cool thing about worship is in showing God what He means to us we get a faint glimpse of what we were truly designed to be and this liberating beyond words.  This is why worship (not the sermon) is at the center of the Sunday service.  I (Pastor Matt) preach before the music because I see it as my role to call the people to respond to God’s Word with worship. 

Come check it out sometime.  It is sweet!

Tomorrow, we hit part 2 of the discipleship process GROW. 

Stay tuned.


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