Frequently Asked Questions about Revolution Part 10

Posted: June 23, 2010 in Uncategorized

So, what does Revolution do with the those they reach? We encourage them to enter into the ancient process of discipleship that we have structured as WORSHIP-GROW-SERVE.  Yesterday we looked at what we mean by worship and today we will look at what Revolution means by GROW. 

By GROW, we mean growing closer to God and to each other through regular meetings of small groups of fellow disciples. 

Revolution’s small groups have gone through several changes over the last year or so (the one constant at Revolution is change!).  We began with groups that discussed the sermon but that didn’t go over well.  So, we moved to a set curriculum (DVD, workbooks, etc.), which produced mixed results. 

Church research Christian Schwartz argues that healthy churches have holistic groups, which deal with spiritual, physical and emotional needs of participants. Thus, the groups study the Bible and help teach the spiritual disciplines of prayer, fasting, generosity, etc. but also openly and graciously deal with the problems or concerns that each person is facing. 

Holistic groups give the opportunity to each member of Revolution to build close friendships with others who will pray for them and love them while all grow closer to God through these relationships as well as the study of Scripture, which encourages each person to raise any and all questions, doubts, frustrations, etc.

So, we worship and we grow but what do we mean by serve? We’ll discuss that tomorrow.

Until then, grace and peace.

Pastor Matt


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