Frequently Asked Questions About Revolution Part 11

Posted: June 24, 2010 in Uncategorized

What does Revolution Church do with the people they reach with the message of Jesus? We place them into the ancient practice of discipleship, which we have structured as WORSHIP-GROW-SERVE.  Tuesday we talked about worshipping God together on Sunday nights and yesterday we talked about growing closer to God and each other in holistic small groups.  Today we look at what we mean by SERVE.

“Social justice” is a term that strikes people in different ways.  To Glenn Beck and many over 40, it means liberal political activism but to many under 40 it simply means putting your faith into action.  This still strikes Christians as odd but  God has consistently called His people to care for the poor and the hurting (for example, see Exodus 23:6, 11; Leviticus 19:10, 15; Deuteronomy 10:18; 14:28-29; 15:4, 7, 11; 24:14; Job 29:12; Matthew 25:31-46; James 2:2-6, etc.).  Revolution believes that such action is integral to discipleship.

Currently, Revolution partners with a few local Bikers for Christ and the Salvation Army to feed the homeless and food insecure on Friday evenings.  Every fall, we encourage Revolution members to rid themselves of their extra belongings and donate them to a ministry we call Free Market where the needy come and take whatever they need.  Every Christmas we engage in The Christmas Conspiracy Project where we take a portion of our offering and buy presents for the children of those in local recovery programs.   We also encourage everyone to arm themselves with gas and food gift cards to give to the poor on the streets.

In the near future, Revolution will be buying homes in the east end of Portsmouth and moving some of our people in to reach out to the drug addicted who haunt the streets between the viaduct and the old stadium. 

Now, we also encourage our people to serve each other by volunteering at Revolution but we really want our people to see their faith as a life to be lived not just beliefs to affirm.

If a person who has professed faith in Jesus, worships, grows and serves in this manner then we feel that he or she will be formed by God into a warrior who will charge the gates of hell with a squirt gun if asked and that is what it is all about.

But how do we motivate someone to do this hard work? Have you seen stickers around town that read “Love Wins”? We’ll touch on that tomorrow.

Until then, grace and peace.


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