The 2010 Pastor Matt Church Tour–Sojourn Community Church

Posted: July 12, 2010 in Uncategorized

I attended Sojourn Community Church in the arts district of Louisville on July 11th.  Here is a little background on the church from their website:

Sojourn Community Church began with a few teens and young adults who met in an apartment on Bardstown Road, longing to see the gospel transform everything: individuals, families, the city of Louisville and the world.

We officially launched in September 2000 using rented space and averaging 60 in attendance. Nine years later, we are 1800+ strong — of all ages — working together to feed the hungry, restore relationships, celebrate the arts and above all to worship Jesus in spirit and in truth, preaching the cross of Christ in Louisville and beyond. We’re seeing God work daily to bring gospel transformation to and through our community.

From our Midtown campus we strive to be good neighbors and ministers of reconciliation in Germantown and Shelby Park, as well as a “sending” location to spread the gospel throughout the Louisville area and beyond. From our East campus we share this same gospel message, and same desire to be a good neighbor to those on Louisville’s East End.

We started out as a few kids, hungry for Christ and believing that “Sojourn” is not a destination, but a way of life. God has done more with us than we’d dreamed possible. We can’t wait to see where He leads us next.

 Sojourn has grown from a dozen or so people to, I’m guessing, more than 1000 in 10 years and is slowly but surely becoming a very influential church even beyond Louisville.

I found Sojourn with some difficulty in the arts district (almost no signage and minimal parking) but was glad I did! 

I was warmly welcomed at the door of the 930 Arts Center (a former school turned into a church/art gallery).  A connection table with two volunteers as well as several ushers were strategically placed in the reception area.  A nice array of art adorns the walls, there is a great coffee area and everything was very clean (can you tell I worry about these things?).

The service began promptly at 5pm with a pattern of threefold pattern of song and responsive reading from Ephesians, which is the basis for their latest sermon series.

Associate Pastor Brian Howard preached from Ephesians 2 and did a fine job.  He transitioned from the sermon into communion distributed by ushers throughout the aisles. 

The service ended with a baptismal service.  Members of Sojourn are baptized in coffin-shaped baptistries to symbolize their death to their old life and resurrection to a new way of life.  The candidate makes his or her “sacred confession” (“Jesus is Lord!”) and then the entire church recites, “We baptize you in the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit” before the new brother or sister is immersed.  A song and cheers await the new member when he or she emerges from the water.  It was awesome!

Sojourn was simply impressive.  May their tribe increase.


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