Definitions Pulled Out of the Air

Posted: August 5, 2010 in Uncategorized

A few weeks ago during one of his sermons on Colossians, Matt Chandler stated that there is a movement to redefine marriage that makes no logical sense.  He said something like this, “If you point at a 3-year old boy and said, ‘That’s a man!’, someone would naturally respond, ‘No, that’s a child.’  If the first person continued to argue that it is a man then the second person could respond, ‘Historically, and for good reason, that’s a boy!  You can’t just arbitrarily declare something to be something else out of the blue to fit your subjective view of the world.”

He makes a good point.

Yesterday, a federal judge in California created a firestorm by declaring the state’s Constitutional Amendment defining marriage as an institution limited to one man and one woman runs afoul of the federal Constitution’s due process and equal protection guarantees. 

Aside from the absurdity of suddenly discovering a Constitutional “right” within a 220+ year document and the judge’s pronouncement that 52% of California voters who passed the marriage amendment in 2008 were motivated by nothing but religious bigotry toward those practicing homosexuality (note to judge, there aren’t that many religious conservatives in California…not anywhere close to it!), the judge essentially pointed at a 3-year old boy and said, “That’s a man!” 

In other words, he pulled a definition out of the air. 

Strange days indeed.


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