13 Years in God’s Word

Posted: August 17, 2010 in Uncategorized

God saved me in 1997.  I was a 24-year old Congressional aide eyeing a state senate seat and wholly focused on myself until a doctor diagnosed me with cancer.  I went to my knees that night and begged God for my life and He has graciously given me another 13 years thus far.

That same year, I pledged to read the Bible through at least once every year.  I decided at some point to read a different version every year as well. 

I began in 1997 with an NIV Life Application Bible with faux leather cover and my named stamped on it in gold.  My older sister gave it to me as a present in 1993 and it had collected dust until that year.  The notes strike me as a little light now but were pure grace to me at the time.

In 1998, I devoured the NKJV MacArthur Study Bible, which my parents gave me for Christmas.  My profs at Kentucky Christian rolled their eyes at the site of it but Johnny Mac taught me a lot!

In 1999, I was a first year seminary student at Abilene Christian University and needed to pass the dreaded Bible Exam.  A third-year recommended the NIV Study Bible to help and it did. Thanks dude!

Since then, I have read the NASB Study Bible, The Message, The Renovare Spiritual Formation Bible, The ESV Study Bible and many more.

I recently finished the Mosaic Bible based on the recommendation of the late, great iMonk.  It opens with readings and quotes for each season of the Christian year, followed by churches with more formal and traditional worship.

I agree with Imonk that the New Living Translation is more reader friendly than the popular ESV, which can be a bit stiff, but I found many of the quotes and short readings in the Mosaic Bible to be uninspiring.

After 13 years, I have found the NIV and the NLT to by my favorite translations but the ESV Study Bible contains the schwankest notes and articles.

By God’s grace, we have access to incredible resources and translations. I would highly recommended checking out as many as possible.  I’m sure they will bless you as much as they blessed me.

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