More Than Half Of Americans Don’t Think President Obama Is A Christian…So?

Posted: August 20, 2010 in Uncategorized

CNN and MSNBC was all abuzz yesterday about a poll that less than 50% or so of Americans believe President Obama to be a Christian while approximately a quarter of respondents actually believe him to be a Muslim.  The White House responded that President Obama is a Christian but doesn’t “wear his faith on his sleeve.”

One CNN anchor rebuked those polls for either being ignorant or for arrogantly guessing what is in a person’s heart.

I understand the shock that most Americans may not know that President Obama has long claimed to be a Christian and was supposedly a faithful attendee of the church where the controversial pastor Jeremiah Wright preached.  However, I’m not so surprised that the majority of Americans don’t believe the President is a Christian and I’m not sure they should.

Certainly only God can look into a person’s heart but there are two outward signs of whether a person is following Jesus or not: 1) profession and 2) actions (1 John 2:4).

President Obama has made a profession of faith.  He stated to Rick Warren and others that he is a Christian and defined the faith as Christ dying for his sins–so far, so good. 

But what about the President’s actions? His spokesperson claims that he doesn’t wear his Christianity on his sleeve…why?

Jesus was clear that his disciples would face persecution because of their unabashed and unashamed loyalty to him–that doesn’t sound the same as something you “don’t wear on your sleeve.”

While I hold very strong opinions on most public policy issues, I understand that there is room for debate among Christians on a number of political concerns but I don’t see how one can be a disciple of Christ and hold a faith that is supposed to be so important that it trumps love of family but keep it tucked away and private like the President claims to do.

If the pundits truly understood that faith in Christ is defined by Christ not by the person claiming to hold it then perhaps they wouldn’t be so shocked by the poll.


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