How Do I Know What “the Kids” Like these Days?

Posted: September 3, 2010 in Uncategorized

I heard a friend say that the more we conform to culture the less we impact it.  There is some truth to that statement but many use that as an excuse to ignore culture, which blunts their effectiveness at reaching unchurched people in said culture.  But how do you go about becoming well versed in pop culture?

First, go to iTunes and check the top downloaded songs for the week.  Normally you can then go to Youtube or Myspace to listen to the songs.

Second, take a look at the Nielsen ratings for top television shows and Netflix for top rentals. 

Third, talk to young people in your church. 

Fourth, take Mark Driscoll’s advice and study the top songs, shows, movies, etc.  Ask why they are popular and the answer is rarely ever “people today are just ignorant pervs!”  Go a little deeper than that.

Finally, pray over all of it.  Ask our gracious Lord to bless your efforts to reach those who don’t yet know the Gospel.

Go for it.


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