What The Lives of Jenna Jameson and Savannah Can Teach Us.

Posted: September 16, 2010 in Uncategorized

I’m preparing to preach on lust this weekend.  It probably won’t shock anyone that I believe our society openly promotes lust (as well as greed and vanity).  The message seems to be, “If you are hot, rich and have sex with other hot people then you will be happy.” 

The message permeates everything from TV (would anyone watch “Jersey Shore” if J-Woww and The Situation were ugly?), to music (how many songs on the iTunes charts every week are about sex or at least allude to it often?) and on and on and on.

Yet, if the culture is right then the happiest people on the planet should be porn stars. 

Think about it, they are good-looking people who have sex with other good-looking people for money.  Thus, porn stars should be the epitome of joy!

If the culture is right then Oprah and Dr. Phil should devote lengthy programs to learning how to live life from top porn stars like Jenna Jameson.

Yet, Jenna Jameson is on her third marriage and allegedly addicted to drugs. 

When I lived in Hollywood, one of the top porn queens was a small blonde bombshell who went by the name “Savannah.” Savannah dated rock stars like Slash (back when Guns N’ Roses were the hottest band in the planet), had a mini-mansion, sports car and a figure that many women would kill to obtain.  Yet, Savannah committed suicide.

If the culture is right, then why aren’t porn stars the happiest people on the planet?  Because the culture is dead wrong and instead of dodging the delicate subject of lust and sex, the church should deconstruct the myth perpetuated by an unregenerate world.   

If the church doesn’t do it then don’t be shocked when young people all around you adopt the attitude that a certain look coupled with money and sex will produce happiness because just a cursory view of culture teaches that it is the very air they breathe.


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