No Perfect People Allowed

Posted: September 27, 2010 in Uncategorized


The Christianity I grew up with and the way of Jesus outlined in the Bible looked very different.

 The rules, as I understood them were: (1) don’t have sex; (2) don’t drink; (3) don’t cuss; and (4) don’t watch R-rated movies.  If you do these things then you’re gold! You could be greedy, ill-tempered, lazy, gluttonous, etc.  but as long as you were married, against Hollywood & rock music and were  teetotaler who considered “gosh darn” too close to “GD” then you were a full member of the club.
Yet, when I read the Bible I noticed things weren’t quite so neat.  Yes, the Bible is pretty pro-marital sex only and certainly anything that leads a person to sin, such as the pool scene from Fast Times at Ridgemont High, should be avoided.  But, Jesus and Paul used pretty strong language at times and the savior of the world even turns water into wine at a roaring party.  So, I was confused as to where these “rules” were coming from and what about helping the “widow & orphan” and creating a community where there are no “Jews nor Greeks”? 
It seemed to me that the church, like the Pharisees who opposed Jesus, focuses a lot on man-made traditions rather than the heart of God.   
This is one of the reasons why, as Brennan Manning said, “The institutional church has become a wounder of the healers rather than a healer of the wounded.”
When I started thinking about starting a new church, I read the Bible anew and prayed about creating a church that was truly based in Scripture rather than soul-crushing traditions but how?
I have this perverse streak of loving to read stuff that I don’t agree with.  I’m not sure why.  Usually it only makes me mad but I do dig it.  One of the people I love to read is postmodern philosopher Peter Rollins. 
Rollins, author of several books including, “How (Not) To Speak of God,” likes to pen modern parables.  A year or so go, Rollins created his own version of the chick tract (Google it) entitled, “The Rapture.”  It is a typical end times tract right up until the end when Christians are taken to heaven and God decides to leave  them there and go to earth to be with everyone else.  Rollins point is that most Christians don’t really love God.  They could care less if God is around or not, just as long as they don’t go to hell then they’re fine. 
This is a major problem with the church today–it is all about us.  “Don’t want to go to hell? Repeat after us and give us some cash!”  “Don’t want your kid to be a drugged  out, STD riddled criminal? Join our youth program!”  and on and on and on.
When Justin Clark, Ryan Rolfe, Eron Elswick and myself created Revolution we decided to form a God and Gospel centered community.  It is all about getting to know God, falling in love with God, worshipping God, growing closer to God and serving God.  It is all about God not us.
Revolution has a saying, “Come as you are.”  We don’t expect anyone who comes into the building on Sundays to have it all together or have to pretend like they do because it is not a “religious club” but a place to meet God who has a nasty habit of going to see people where they are whether it be in the desert or on the Damascus Road to kill more of His people. 
In fact, when God became the man Jesus he hung out with “drunkards and sinners.”  (Matt. 11:19).  It amazes me that during Jesus’ ministry, He only showed disrespect for the “religious people” who had it all together and demonstrated only respect for the people whose lives were falling apart.  It is sad that 2000 years later, we have done the exact opposite.
Paul commands us to accept others as Jesus has accepted us (Rom. 15:7).   He accepted me when I was a selfish, perverted, Machiavellian political hack.  Thus, who am I to look down upon any outside the Body of Christ?
Revolution is a place to come as you are.  So it is a place to express doubts, a place to cry out in pain, a place where everyone is as jacked up as everyone else and knows it.
Now, please understand, we want you to come as you are but we don’t want you to stay there.
Revolution Church is in the discipleship business.
We have learned that if a church is not intentional about discipleship then it probably won’t happen.  The founders of Revolution Church decided on the process “Worship-Grow-Serve.”
So, come Sunday night (and, beginning November 7th, Sunday morning as well) to worship God as you wish and with all your heart.
Then grow close to God in a mission group where you can study Scripture verse-by-verse and ask any and all questions of people who will accept you and love you.
Finally, serve God by sharing His word and His love with others through evangelism and social justice.
We pray that in this process you will join a new family…a redemptive family (Matt. 12:46-50).  A family under a king in whom there is no condemnation (Romans 8:1)!
We are a family marked by love inspired by gratitude as a response to the Gospel (2 Cor. 5:21), which we define as the sinless Son of God taking the punishment for our sins upon himself and then granting us His perfect life in return. 
Revolution Church is a place where no perfect person is allowed.  It is a place for broken people to worship, grow closer to and serve a perfect God who broke himself on our behalf.

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