Revolution Church is All About…Empowering Leadership

Posted: September 29, 2010 in Uncategorized

The Leadership Team at Revolution Church believes it has been called to empower our people to ministry. 

The goal of Revolution’s formal discipleship process, “Worship-Grow-Serve,” is to identify each community member’s god-given strength and help them put it to work as his or her own ministry.

For example, a person walks into Revolution on Sunday evening and is saved.  After attending the 4-part “I Believe in the Insurrection” membership class, she joins a mission group, which studies Scripture verse-by-verse.  She then serves alongside her fellow group members by sharing the Gospel with others and by joining one of Revolution’s social justice ministry opportunities like The Father’s Table that serves a meal to the local homeless and food insecure every Friday night.

The members of the mission group notice that she is naturally skilled at building relationships with some of the poor and homeless.  She is a good listener, compassionate but firm in constantly steering the people she meets to get help. 

Eventually, the Leadership Team and members of her group, after a lot of prayer, suggest that she check out CCEF (, which is a biblical counseling organization.  She does so and prayefully desires to complete the four-part training process to become a certified biblical counselor but she doesn’t have the cash to do it.  If Revolution has the cash in the budget then we will pay for it, if not, we will help her raise it.  Once she completes her training, she dedicates several hours a week to meeting with those in need of counseling.

Revolution Church wants every member to be a true disciple, which we believe includes putting his or her gifts to work for the Kingdom.

That’s why Revolution is all about “empowering leadership.”


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