N.T. Wright Sounding Very Deep but Saying Nothing!

Posted: September 30, 2010 in Uncategorized

I have been looking at the videos posted by Biologos, a group committed to harmonizing Scripture and evolution, and came across this clip featuring theologian N.T. Wright.  The question posed concerns whether Adam & Eve were real people or myths.  Notice that Wright blames the American “culture war” for raising the question, states that it is a mistake to divide “fact” and “myth” and then argues that those who see Genesis 1-4 as “history” are inherently gnostic and believe that Christianity is all about spending eternity playing a harp on a cloud.

Is this your experience? I find a lot of people, including a number of foreign exchange students, interested in the historicity of Genesis 1-4 who have no interest in the “culture wars” at all.  I find a dwindling number of Christians who believe in the cartoon eternity that Wright seems to think “country bumpkin creationists” affirm.  In the end, I think Wright is the one engaging in the narrow “either/or” fallacy.

Oh, and Rev. Wright, with all due respect, you didn’t answer the flippin’ question!

  1. kevinleroy says:

    Hi Matt,

    Just came across this blog and read this post about NT Wright. I think maybe you might be misunderstanding what Tom is speaking of when it comes to the idea of the historicity of Genesis. Particularly that of Genesis 1-4. There seems to be a pervading idea that in the Church these days (Ken Ham, will you please stand up?) Genesis 1-4 must absolutely be taken as a scientific explanation over and above evolution. What Tom is attempting to get across is that is not the true understanding of the Narrative. I think he’s trying to get us as Americans to put aside our Western Bias and think of these questions through the lens of a Jew. How would a 1st Century Jew understand this Narrative? I think he, Tom Wright, very clearly enunciates the purpose of said Narrative. Which was a telling of God creating an abode for Him and His creation to dwell in together. He also further explains that it is very important for someone to understand the idea of an Adam & Eve being true literal persons. Tom Wright very clearly believes in the idea that God created the Universe and all that is in it. Whether he believes in a literal 6 day Creation or like Sailhammer believes in a Day/Age Theory is certainly up for debate. I think his main point is that too often we as Western Christians couple our politics with our Theology and we should not.


    • Revolution says:

      Kevin, Thanks for stopping by. I understand your point (and Dr. Wright’s) but the answer was still an evasion. It is not “western” to ask if there was a literal Adam & Eve anymore than if there was a literal resurrection. He simply needs to answer the question and then he can pontificate on “why we silly Americans ask such questions” even though I have ministered in Asian churches and they ask the same question!


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