Who Funds The Westboro Baptist Church?

Posted: October 7, 2010 in Uncategorized

All the uproar about the protests led by Westboro Baptist Church (i.e., the “god hates f*#s” church) reminded me of a question I had after watching the documentary “Fall From Grace,” which is, where are these bozos getting their money? The church is made up solely of the Phelps family who are either unemployed are barely employed.  Fred Phelps was an attorney who hasn’t practiced in decades.

So, where is the money coming from> Far right extremists? If so, it’s the most moronic move since the Watergate break-in.  The far left trying to frighten people? Sounds goofy but Fred Phelps, the patriarch and “pastor” was a civil rights attorney and outspoken Democrat before losing his law license.

The church may lose access to protest funerals for there are time and place restrictions for all speech (e.g., you can’t hold a rally on your sidewalk at 3 a.m.) but they will certainly find other ways to gain attention until someone figures out how to dry up their funding.

  1. YANNI says:

    For some reason these “people” and I use that word loosely, believe that they can hide behind “the 1st amendment right”, and they are without a doubt the most ignorant bunch I’ve ever seen. These “kinds” of fools also call themselves Christians and hide behind a church name and the bible, but what kind of God do these “crazies” worship? I don’t know of any God that have hate for as many things as these idiots do. Let’s see, The President is the antichrist ( like Christ has time for these people who are using his name in vain). they have problems with (The president, The Pope, the gays( whether they put their lives on the line so that they can have the right to hide behind the 1st amendment right). My question is do anyone at this “church” have a child, husband, mother, father, or sibling in the military or do they believe that the military is Anti christian. Maybe they think that the Taliban and or terrorist should be allowed to crucify and kill our soldiers that way they can come here and do us all in. These people have proven that rehab and therapy doesn’t work for everybody, but with lunatics like them exist screaming about the 1st amendment there are also lunatics who believe in the 2nd amendment (especially since President Obama has been in office, and they will come across some of these crazies at one of these military funeral and they will be on TV but the funeral will be one of them. When do these people find the time to go to their own church and worship like normal people. They are so desperate to make their point of lunacy that they have their own children parading around with signs. I can see that good parenting is obviously not a priority with these people. Maybe,social services need to take these kids from these people, because they are inplanting vicious ideas in their heads. Anyway I guess they will come up with some other reason to put their mugs on TV. I just refuse to believe that “THE ALMIGHTY” have all of this hate in him because these “people” are just taking all of their ignorance to this kind of extreme. LORD HELP THEM, PLEASE.!!

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