Defending Al

Posted: October 12, 2010 in Uncategorized

I am not a Baptist.  I am not a young earther and I don’t have a problem with yoga but I am an Al Mohler fan. 

For those of you don’t haunt the Christian blogosphere (i.e., those of you who have a life!), Al Mohler is the controversial president of Southern Baptist Theological Seminary.  Dr. Mohler is controversial because when he assumed the presidency of Southern Seminary he promptly kicked every liberal off campus and filled their positions with fellow evangelical Calvinists.  Mohler then wrote a series of short but poignant best-selling books and launched a radio show (since scrapped in favor of podcasts).  Mohler is also an outspoken complementarian (i.e., only men should assume executive leadership positions in churches), a young earth creationist who also recently criticized yoga as pagan worship or something (I didn’t read the article that closely).  Thus, progressive Christians aren’t big fans of the Mohler.  

Recently, Dr. Mohler came under fire from both the evangelical right and left.   Biologos Forum, a think tank funded by the Templeton Foundation, with the express purpose of reconciling evolution and evangelical Christianity and Christianity Today, the People magazine of conservative Christians, both took shots at President Mohler and in decidedly snarky ways.

The bloggers at Biologus all but called Dr. Mohler a “poopy head” and the writer for Christianity Today essentially labeled The Al a poser intellectual–with brothers and sisters like this who needs…well, you get the point.

I may disagree with Dr. Mohler on certain issues (I’m a gap theory guy who likes beer & red wine and thinks the gender issue is a bit murkier than many of my fellow evangelicals make it out to be) but I stick by the Ronald Reagan dictum that someone who agrees with you 80% of the time is your friend not your enemy.  

Moreover, because I have seen too many friends have their faith shaken to its bone by seminary (more on that in a later post), I am a fan of anyone who performs the type of house cleaning that President Mohler performed at Southern. 

But what has truly struck me is how progressives have approached Dr. Mohler.  Both the Biologus Forum bloggers and the CT writer made snarky comments without any real arguments to support their positions.  It seems that both theological and political liberalism is increasingly a movement of sarcasm and sentimentality rather than substance.  Liberals mouth bumper sticker slogans and when challenged by conservatives they tend to roll their eyes and state in condescending tones, “you really believe that!”  Think Bill Maher for goodness sakes!

Stand strong, Al! Let the other side cast empty ad hominems while you seek truth based in God’s word and reason and may your tribe increase!

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