Revolution Announces–The Free Seminary

Posted: October 27, 2010 in Uncategorized

I have complained about seminary for a long time–“it’s too expensive,” “it doesn’t truly prepare you for ministry,” etc.  Well, Revolution has decided to do something about it and launch our own seminary and it will be free–no tuition or fees!

Moreover, the curriculum will be established by working ministers who will put their heads together to determine what courses would truly help a minister day-to-day. This is not to say that we will ignore history, theology or exegesis but it will mean that we will not spend all of our time on these topics.  Furthermore, there will be few if any papers or tests.  Course assignments will be actual ministry assignments and apprenticeship will play a large role.  In other words, when we discuss hospital visits, we will actually visit the sick and then discuss it and then do it again. 

The idea behind the Free Seminary is not just to prepare men and women for full-time ministry but is also a part of Revolution Church’s committment to empowering our members to better serve the Kingdom.

We hope that our efforts to re-neighbor the East End of Portsmouth, feed the poor on Friday nights, give away our extra things at Free Market, purchase Christmas presents for the children of those in local rehabs and train God’s people to be better evangelists, counselors, etc. will bring God honor and glory as well as tip the scales in our little city, so that it is again a place people are proud to call home.

The Free Seminary will launch early next year and we will begin taking applications soon, so stay tuned.

sola dei gloria


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