Now I Can Gloat…Kind Of…

Posted: November 3, 2010 in Uncategorized

Last night was a good night for the GOP.  My batting average took a hit as I only predicted 425/435 House races and 32/36 Senate seats and I also flubbed 4 gubernatorial races. 

All the noise from the media is about how Republicans won the most House seats in any one election since 1948 but missed winning the Senate.  Dems held West Virginia, California and Nevada and may hold onto Washington despite the incumbents having low approval ratings.  What happened? 


I knew Sharon Angle was in trouble when Fox News announced that Harry Reid was doing well in “early voting.”  Early voting is a recent phenomenon where folks can walk into a courthouse and vote at anytime as early as a month before the election.  Labor has taken advantage of the concept by all but transporting bus loads of folks to the polls.  Unions knew they could not rescue the House, they simply didn’t have the resources, but believed they could stop a GOP take over of the Senate by focusing like a laser on a few Senate seats and…it worked!

In fact, after Joe Manchin was declared the winner in West Virginia, a union issued  press release unabashedly claiming sole responsibility for the victory! The Tea Party certainly added energy to the Republican Party but it couldn’t match their get-out-the vote organizations in Nevada, California and West Virginia. 

That being said, the GOP is in better shape for having not won the Senate.  Why?

It was no secret around Washington that if both houses of Congress flipped then Obama was going to follow the Harry Truman model and run against a “do nothing Congress” but that strategy is dead.  The President cannot claim that Congress is to blame when his party controlled both houses for 2 years and one for 4 years. 

It is also going to be difficult for Obama to run to the middle and compromise when he owes so much to special interest groups that rescued the Senate for him.  It will defintely be an interesting two years.

Regardless, please pray for those God has appointed to lead our nation.

Grace and peace.

  1. Rick Duncan says:

    Plus Nevada sucks.

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