Yet another update.

Posted: November 3, 2010 in Uncategorized

 Back in 1994, Bob Dole looked down upon Newt Gingrich’s attempt to nationalize the mid-term election.  The GOP captured a near record 54 seats in the House while Republicans barely won the Senate.  Tonight, we see the GOP winning big in the House but struggling in the Senate.  Looks like Mitch McConnell is as dense as Dole.  When will moderate wake-up and realize that while being “centrist” makes sense to your cocktail buddies, it just hasn’t worked and won’t.  Enjoy the cheap seats Mitch.  Maybe Boehner will let him bang the gavel when no one is looking.

In my own little neck of the woods, Dr. Terry Johnson has been elected to the Ohio House.  He is the first Republican to represent Scioto County in the state house since at least 1959!  Congrats Terry!


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