Jim Wallis is the Billy Packer of Politics–Rarely Right But Never in Doubt.

Posted: November 10, 2010 in Uncategorized

Jim Wallis is also a leader of the “evangelical left” who has been a vocal liberal since he dropped out of seminary and helped launch the magazine The Post-American in 1971, which was the precursor to the popular liberal Christian publication Sojourner.  Wallis is also a popular speaker and author of several best-selling books such as God’s Politics

Recently, he has been using the Sojourner blog to spark a progressive movement at the local church level.  Scot McKnight has given it a lot of attention at his popular blog Jesus Creed.

I don’t know Jim Wallis even though I used to see him a lot when I worked on Capitol Hill in the mid-90’s but he seems like a nice guy.  I’m sure that if I got to know him that I would really like him.  I’m sure he is sincere and passionate.  I’m also certain that he is almost always wrong. 

By his own admission, Wallis was a Marxist who denounced the “boat people” who fled the Northern Vietnamese Communist regime in the 1970’s.  We now know that the regime killed more than a million people after the fall of Saigon.  Seems like the “boat people” had the right idea. 

Wallis denounced Reagan’s military build up and his tax cuts.  According to former Soviet premier Gorbachev the former directly led to the downfall of the Soviet Union and the end of the Cold War.  In retrospect, the latter increased the wealth of every socio-economic level in the U.S..  In other words, the rich got richer and the poor got richer too. 

Wallis has called the U.S. budget a “moral document” and has frequently requested increased spending for social services despite compelling studies by organizations such as The Acton Institute that demonstrate a link between the destruction of the working family and welfare spending–the government has supplanted the father figure among working Americans with disastrous results.

Wallis has also supported the Obama administration’s economic plan, which has failed miserably (anyone remember the President’s promise that unemployment would never rise above 8%?). 

Wallis has been wrong so often that one has to wonder why he still commands such an audience.  In fact, one wonders why he doesn’t take a long look in the mirror and ask himself why he still believes what he believes and if should be doing something else.  Isn’t experience th best teacher?

Yet, despite his many mistakes he continues to try to play the part of prophet.  He reminds me of former CBS basketball commentator Billy Packer–rarely right but never in doubt.

Jim Wallis may be a nice man.  He is undoubtedly a passionate person but wrong is wrong.  A stockbroker or weather person wouldn’t last long with Wallis’ track record and shouldn’t.  Frankly, it is time for Jim to find another line of work.


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