The Church Needs Men to Step Up to the Plate…But First They Need to Learn to be Men

Posted: November 19, 2010 in Uncategorized

It isn’t a secret that women outnumber men at church and that if men would step up the plate that congregations everywhere would be better off.  But the church needs men to be men and that’s a problem in our culture.  Most “men” I know are really still sex-crazed boys–it’s like the cast of American Pie but, dude’s, Stickler isn’t funny 10 years later…he’s just sad.

Now, as Donald Miller has pointed out (I owe Donald after ragging on Blue like Jazz this week or at least the times it represented) we are part of a fatherless generation.  Guys haven’t been taught to be guys.  So, here’s a little advice from a dude who has been on his own since age 15 (I ran away…long story).

1. Dudes don’t watch Dancing with the Stars…or any show, movie or even music video featuring dancing.  If you posted anything on Facebook about how much better Brandy is than Bristol Palin then please change your gender status to “under construction.”

2. Men don’t watch Glee either.

3.  Skinny jeans are for girls and “men” who dream about being on Dancing with the Stars.

4. The only people who should be vegans are girls who wear no make-up, belong to the Green Party, smell like a foot and listen Ani DiFranco.

5. Hyrbids aren’t really that good for the environment and gas prices were artificially low for a long time…there is no excuse to drive a Prius.

6. Golfing is expensive.  If you have children and maxed out credit cards then get off the fairways.  I don’t care if your only other option as a hobby is playing cornhole with neighbors who drink domestic beer and burn their trash–it’s called responsibility, bro. 

7. Real men don’t yell back at their wives and spend a lot of time with their kids…oh, and they marry the mother of their kids!

Step up, fellas.

  1. Noble says:

    I agree men should not wear skinny jeans and watch glee or Dancing with the Stars. I think a lot of “men” today feel that seeking forgiveness is a sign of weakness so they would rather be wrong forever then make things right. I think the popular media has portrayed a man as someone who always has is act together, which in reality is no one.

  2. Noble says:

    <——- However, i feel that men should be ok when very femine patterns come up by their names when they comment on a blog!

  3. i do not want to be on dancing with the stars lol.

    • Revolution says:

      Oh, c’mon Caleb. You know you are just dying to dance to “I’ve Had the Time of my Life” with the chick from Dirty Dancing!

  4. ok! ya got me! curse this tight denim legwear!

  5. The Phil says:

    I feel like men have two opposites pulling on them. We have those telling us we need to be in touch with our sensitive sides and then we have another side telling us that we need to not be in touch with our sensitive sides and we can’t do anything that is regarded as feminine. I say men can watch what they want and wear what they want. It is indeed not manly to base what we watch and what we wear on other peoples opinions. A true man aims to please God, and nobody else.

  6. jeni.sketch says:

    i have to disagree with the skinny jean statement.
    i dont think the flare on the end of ur denim should define your manhood. i could be biased, i find them attractive.
    im personally afraid of meat. idk if you’ve studied the hormones they’re pumping into them. but it’s real. and i suppose i do smell like a foot. but im not into politics or parties, and i have no idea who ani difranco is. if it isnt screamo, then that’s probably why.

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