What Does Jesus Think When He Looks at His Scars?

Posted: November 24, 2010 in Uncategorized

We do not forget traumatic events.  In fact, we think about them daily.  We carry them with us everywhere we go.  They deepen our sorrow and they dampen our joy. 

Yet, no one experienced a more traumatic event than Christ on the cross.  It was not the physical suffering that was most harrowing but the spiritual pain of being separated from the Father and Spirit. 

You see, when Jesus cries out, “Father, why have you forsaken me?” it is at that moment that the son is ripped from the presence of the other two members of the trinity for the only time in eternity.  It is at that point that Christ takes upon himself the hell that is the punishment for all of our sins and the holiness of God demands that they turn their face from the son.  Jesus, who had known perfect love and fellowship for all eternity suddenly was abandoned. 

Can Christ ever forget this experience? Does he carry it around with him even in heaven? God’s throne room is apparently not a place where everyone receives some type of holy amnesia for their own happiness for even the martyrs cry out to God for justice in His very presence (Rev. 6:9-11). 

Moreover, we are told that Jesus kept his scars after the resurrection. Paul tells us that we will inherit such an eternal physical body, so why keep the scars? What does he think of when he looks at them?

I have often speculated during sermons and Bible studies that Jesus kept his scars to reassure us for Greek gods were known for returning to their heavenly abode and forgetting about the relationships and promises they made in the world of mortals.  Jesus’ scars would have been powerful reminders to the disciples that Jesus would never forget his painful, sacrificial life here on earth, but what does Christ himself think when he looks at the scars?

Is he constantly reminded of that excruciating moment of abandonment and punishment? Will he always feel it?

Perhaps I am grossly over reading the text and attempting to analyze a God who cannot wholly be analyzed but it simply struck me that he loves us so much that may not have just suffered hell for a moment but may feel its sting for eternity. 

How thankful should we be?


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