Politics According to the Bible–Euthanasia

Posted: December 2, 2010 in Uncategorized

Dr. Grudem moves from discussing the issue of abortion in light of Scripture to analyzing euthanasia and/or assisted suicide in Chapter 6 of his new book Politics According to the Bible.  Grudem  argues that euthanasia, whether as assisting a critically ill person to commit suicide or simply putting to death those of a certain age or those suffering from an incurable malady, is murder and explicitly forbidden by Scripture (Exodus 20:13).

Grudem also points to 2 Samuel 1:1-16, in which David puts to death King Saul’s armor bearer for helping the King to take his own life.  One may object that David may have put the armor bearer to death for helping to king the Lord’s anointed rather than for assisting with a suicide.  Grudem anticipates the objection and argues that it is still murder. 

Grudem’s argument against euthanasia may not be the strongest but he is still correct.  The west’s graduate slide into a Huxley-ian dystopia where youth is valued above all else to the point that the elderly are treated with contempt is disturbing and a clear violation of God’s will.  In the end, all life belongs to God and you never know what He might do. 

For example, my employer, The Alliance Defense Fund, fought to restore life support to Jesse Ramirez, a young man who had been in a car accident and had been diagnosed as suffering from a persistive vegetative state.  A few months later, Jesse walked out of the hospital on his own and is doing well today. 

Dr. Grudem is right…all life belongs to God’s but does that mean that Christians should not support the death penalty? More on that later.


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