The Thinking Behind the Free Seminary

Posted: December 2, 2010 in Uncategorized

My colleague Jeff Ventrella of the Alliance Defense Fund is fond of saying, “education transmits data but training transforms individuals.” 

I have been convicted by God to start a Free Seminary but the goal isn’t to ordain pastors for church ministry or to compete with established seminaries (even though both of those things might happen).  Rather, the goal is to intentionally disciple men and women in order to create space for the Holy Spirit to do great things.

Too many churches transmit data and construct programs to meet the desire for “holy entertainment” in the hopes that true transformation will take place.  Has it worked?

The goal at Revolution’s Free Seminary is to transform disciples of Jesus Christ and prayerfully send them out to expand the Kingdom of God through evangelism and service. 

Classes begin at the end of January and applications will be available this Sunday night at Revolution Church.

Please pray for this new endeavor.

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