Politics According to the Bible–Social Security, Health Care and Dealing with Recessions

Posted: December 23, 2010 in Uncategorized

Wayne Grudem polishes off his chapter on economics in his new book Politics According to the Bible (Zondervan: 2010) by quickly covering the divisive issues of social security, heath care and how to best deal with a recession.  Not surprisingly, Grudem takes a conservative, if not libertarian, stance on all of these issues.

Grudem asserts that social security should be party privatized (works for countries like Chille) and that only those who cannot work should receive social security payments.  He points to uncontested statistics that if we do not radically reform the program that it will either become totally insolvent or require a huge tax hike that would sink the economy back into a deep recession. 

Grudem argues for free market initiatives to fix health care such as tax credits as well as more freedom to compete with existing health networks (and for my liberal friends who are reading this…no, we haven’t really tried any real market reforms!). He argues that in every country where government assumes power over the health care industry that a drop in quality and rise in rationing occurs (he’s right).

Finally, Grudem contends that the best way to deal with a recession is cut taxes (it’s never failed!). 

I agree with Grudem on all three points because experience supports his arguments but there is little Bible to back him up.  He quotes a number of verse but it seems a stretch to apply the verses he cites to the assertions listed above. 

Of course, one of the primary reasons for the current recession is the overwhelming level of debt and poor investments so many of us made due to our greed and lack of patience, which only virtue can cure and only true faith in Christ can imbue. 

Tomorrow, we will turn to Grudem’s chapter on the environment.  Until then, grace and peace.

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